Studio piraccini was founded in 2001 and has offices in Cesena. The practice works internationally on cultural, residential and commercial projects providing full architectural and interior design for public and private sector. We have a signficiative experience about passive house design and NZEB (nerar zero energy buildings). Our diverse built portfolio includes apartments, private house, offices, squares, interior and installations. Studio piraccini is committed to conserving the environment and making intelligent use of our natural and cultural resources. We believe that societies across the globe are experiencing a shift in attitude from one merely concerned with surviving on earth to one concerned with changing how we live so that the earth can survive. We embrace this shift and seek to enhance the impact of sustainable design and development as a basic tenet of our practice. Rather than diminishing in meaning, the ideas of sustainability have the potential and power to enrich and broaden our culture as well as our architectural language. Working in a cross-curricular team, and with the research team of the university of Bologna, help to preserve the harmony between buildings and all the elements during the planning process: materials, form, dimension are chosen step by step, never leaving aside time and prices and the environmental impact. His group is able to simulate seism, wind action, using last generation 3D modeler. The architectural volumes match with the interior in order to create a space which is functional but extremely elegant; great attention is focused on the lights design and colors, taking care at the research of innovative and naturals materials. Studio won more national competitions and many national awards and citations for design excellence.