SSA - Solinas Serra Architects - è uno studio di architettura di Sevilla, Spagna.
Vícar, Almería - Spagna


Con Gabriel Verd Gallego
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National Competition, First Prize

SSA - Solinas Serra Architects -


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Roland Halbe -

This landmark building, thought as a urban piece able to propose a new order, a more complex one than that accomplished by the freestanding volumes of the adjacent buildings, takes a typically Spanish, lively approach to cladding flat surfaces, with a combination of brass, bronze and plain copper strips. The building, in the central area of this colonial town in the western area of Almeria, consists of a series of rectangular masses differentiated with either horizontal or vertical regular cladding patterns. The entire theatre, with a capacity for 400 spectators, is raised on a plinth to create a series of public spaces – maximising combination of light and shade – where the copper cladding is continued. An abstract version of a giant classical portico frames the entrance.

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Roland Halbe -


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SSA - Solinas Serra Architects -

Honorific Mention in the “L Exposición de Otoño”. Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Saint Isabel of Hungry. Seville, Spain, 2001.

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Roland Halbe -

Architectural Design Award and Award for Innovation given by The Copper In Architecture. Edition 13, London, United Kingdom, 2007.

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SSA - Solinas Serra Architects -

TECU Architecture Award 2007, Public Buildings category given by KME Germany AG. Essen, Germany, 2007.

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SSA - Solinas Serra Architects -

DEDALO MINOSSE International Prize’s Mention for building commissioners. Vicenza, Italy, 2008.

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Roland Halbe -

INTERNATIONAL ARCHITECTURE AWARDS 2008. Selected Work. Europe and USA expositions. Chicago, USA, 2008.

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SSA - Solinas Serra Architects -

Work selected to participate in the exposition presented by Spain in parallel to the Sustainable Building 2008 World Conference (SB08). Technical Seminary organized by the Spanish Institute of Foreign Commerce (ICEX). Melbourne, Australia, 2008.

ARCO 2006-2007 Prize. Finalist Work. Prize given by the Official Architects Association of Almería. Almería, Spain, 2008.

SICE!2008 Prize. Prize for Use of Copper in Architecture.

SICE!2008 Prize. Sustainability, Innovation Quality in Construction Prize. Mention.