Architect Designer Bonarrigo is an architectural & design practice based in Milano, Italy.

Interior Design is a professional firm of architects working in the areas of architectural design in the civil / industrial and computer graphics.

Quick service design, professional, thanks to the easy reading 3d views to renew, ri-furnish, restore, transform your home, to change your apartment with spaces created on your needs.

Global Architecture and Design in Milan and Reggio Calabria, aims to spread the best of Architecture + Design to Architects and all enthusiasts of Architecture around the world.

We try to feed your imagination by picking up and delivering a daily doze of the most exciting and outstanding selection of Design & Architectural ideas.

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Architect Designer Bonarrigo

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Villa house
Architect Designer Bonarrigo

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Soggiorno 2014
Architect Designer Bonarrigo

The architect explains his idea of the architectural work.

Do not ever revolutionize society through architecture, but we can revolutionize the architecture:

this is still what we do as architects.

What has made ​​the “what” of architecture? It is the form of our materials ordered for the purpose of living, places like the produce and reveal things: his job is to give meaning to the physical environment.