Architect / Landscape Designer

Attracted by the dynamics of interaction between landscape, architecture, art and society, I deal with strategic planning for sustainable development of the territories and integrated architectural and landscape design in coastal areas.

I collaborate with the Coastal Conservatory Agency of Sardinia in the development of projects for the enhancement of Mediterranean coastal landscape.

In 2006 I conceived and co-founded Linkinart, art and architecture for urban regeneration, and in 2008 I was one of the founders of Connected Landscapes, with which I won the Landscape Award of the Sardinian Region in 2011.

In 2012 I founded U-BOOT, a multidisciplinary group for research and action on landscapes with high levels of social and environmental vulnerability.

I have won several national and international prizes and mentions and I held lectures and conferences in Italy and abroad.

Since 2015 I am member of the board of directors of MEDSEA Mediterranean Sea and Coast Foundation, which aim is to contribute to a fair and sustainable future for the people living in the Mediterranean by promoting the conservation of marine and coastal ecosystems and cultural heritage.